H2O Temporada1

1ª Temporada

La primera temporada gira entorno a Emma Gilbert, Cleo Sertori y Rikki Chadwick, quienes reciben el poder de transformarse en sirenas. Descubren sus asombrosos poderes sobre el agua - Cleo puede controlar la forma y el volumen del agua, Emma la puede congelar y Rikki puede evaporarla. Lewis McCartney, un amigo de la infancia de Cleo, y más tarde de todas ellas, les ayuda a conllevar su nueva vida. Esta temporasa trata principalmente de Rikki, Emma y Cleo, que aprenden a usar sus poderes mientras se enfrentan a sus problemas cotidianos.Cleo meets an old lady, Louise Chatham, who was a mermaid in her past and who warns her, Emma and Rikki from the full moon. Zane Bennett is trapped at Louise's sinking boat and Emma has to save him. Zane sees a half of her tail and looks everywhere near Mako Island for the "sea monster". Zane sees Emma as a mermaid, but he didn't recognize her because she had red hair. Rikki and Zane become a couple. At the end of the season, Zane helps Dr. Denman capture the mermaids. Zane finds out who the mermaids really are and he rescues them with Lewis' help. During the lunar eclipse, the girls lose their powers, only for twelve hours, but it was enough for Dr. Denman to lose interest in them.

Capítulos Editar

Imagen Título Fecha de emisión (en Australia) Fecha de emisión (en España) Capítulo
200px-S01E01 Metamorfosis 7 de Julio de 2006 11 de Agosto de 2007 1.01
Emma and Cleo meet new girl, Rikki, and find themselves stuck on Mako Island where they are transformed into mermaids. As well as growing tails, the girls find they have powers over water.
200px-S01E02 Pool Party 14 de Julio de 2006 12 de Agosto de 2007 1.02
Annoying Miss Popularity, Miriam, is having a pool party and the girls want to go. But being around water is risky, especially when Zane tosses Cleo into the pool. Lewis is the only one around to help so he finds out their secret.
200px-S01E03 Catch of the Day 21 de Julio de 2006 18 de Agosto de 2007 1.03
When Emma and Rikki save a sea turtle from a fishing trawler's net, they are mistaken for sharks. A shark hunt ensues. Cleo, getting over her fear of water, saves another turtle, but she is trapped.
200px-S01E04 Party Girls 28 de Julio de 2006 19 de Agosto de 2007 1.04
Determined to live a normal life, Cleo encourages Emma to have her annual sleepover. Cleo gets splashed, causing her to have to hide her tail in a sleeping bag. Cleo meets a mysterious old woman who seems to know their secret.
200px-S01E05 Something Fishy 4 de Agosto de 2006 25 de Agosto de 2007 1.05
Kim reads Cleo's diary and finds evidence of mermaidness. She spies on the girls and decides Miriam is the head mermaid. Miriam and Cleo enter the Queen of the Sea contest where Kim tries to prove her theory but only succeeds in upsetting Miriam.
200px-S01E06 Young Love 11 de Agosto de 2006 26 de Agosto de 2007 1.06
Rikki gains an admirer in Emma's younger brother Elliot when she saves him from drowning. She lets him down hard causing him to run away and hide in the fernery. The girls find him just as the watering system is about to start...
200px-S01E07 Moon Spell 18 de Agosto de 2006 1 de Septiembre de 2007 1.07
The effects of the full moon turns Emma into a carefree, wild mermaid. At her father's birthday party she's the opposite to her usual, organized self. Can the other girls stop her before all is revealed?
200px-S01E08 The Denman Affair 25 de Agosto de 2006 2 de Septiembre de 2007 1.08
A charismatic newcomer, Dr. Denman, tempts Lewis with the promise of scientific fame and fortune. Will he abandon his friends and risk their secret, all in the name of science?
200px-S01E09 Dangerous Waters 1 de Septiembre de 2006 8 de Septiembre de 2007 1.09
Rikki uses her abilities as a mermaid to earn some quick cash but when she accidentally becomes involved in a fish smuggling operation she sets out to get her revenge.
200px The Camera Never Lies 8 de Septiembre de 2006 9 de Septiembre de 2007 1.10
Zane tries to impress his dad by entering in the local film competition, filming his attempt to break his Dad's windsurfing record around Mako Island. He gets into trouble with sharks and unbeknownst to him, is saved by mermaid Rikki.
200px Sink or Swim 15 de Septiembre de 2006 15 de Septiembre de 2007 1.11
Emma trains Byron for the swimming competition. At first they get along well and even share a kiss, but too soon Emma becomes the training dragon. Byron fires Emma but when he wins the comp he tries to hug her and she recoils.
200px The Siren Effect 22 de Septiembre de 2006 16 de Septiembre de 2007 1.12
The full moon strikes Cleo, turning her into a magical siren, attracting all the young males in the vicinity. Cleo enjoys the attention and is encouraged to sing for them, but a concert at The JuiceNet Café as the moon sets reveals her truly awful voice.
200px Shipwrecked 29 de Septiembre de 2006 22 de Septiembre de 2007 1.13
When the mysterious old woman's boat and home is declared unseaworthy Emma invites her over to stay. Zane gets trapped on the sinking boat and Emma tries to save him but he sees a tail...
200px Surprise! 6 de Octubre de 2006 23 de Septiembre de 2007 1.14
Cleo's dad plans an embarrassing surprise party for her birthday so she escapes to Mako Island. Zane and Lewis almost spot her there on their expedition to catch the sea monster.
200px The Big Chill 13 de Octubre de 2006 29 de Septiembre de 2007 1.15
Emma is put in charge of managing the juice bar. Miriam decides to cause trouble and cuts the power to the cool room, then is unwittingly frozen by Emma who uses her powers to fix the freezer. Will the girls be able to thaw Miriam out?
200px Lovesick 20 de Octubre de 2006 30 de Septiembre de 2007 1.16
A dolphin at Sea World will only eat from Cleo's hand and when she has to sneak out to feed him, everyone thinks she has a boyfriend.
200px Under the Weather 27 de Octubre de 2006 6 de Octubre de 2007 1.17
A rainy day traps the girls inside. In an effort to "play sick" the girls create a situation where their families become part of a dire medical emergency.
200px Bad Moon Rising 3 de Noviembre de 2006 7 de Octubre de 2007 1.18
Under the effects of the full moon Rikki goes crazy, boiling dry everything. She runs away to Mako where she meets Zane and kisses him.
200px Hurricane Angela 10 de Noviembre de 2006 13 de Octubre de 2007 1.19
Cleo and Kim are fighting like crazy and Cleo is pushed to breaking point. Then cousin Angela comes to stay and things just get worse. Cleo realizes there are more challenging things than an annoying sister.
200px Hook, Line and Sinker 17 de Noviembre de 2006 14 de Octubre de 2007 1.20
Emma and Cleo help Lewis catch a huge fish in the fishing competition leading the judges to suspect he's a cheat. Meanwhile Zane and Rikki are stuck together on a balcony of a fancy hotel where after much argument, they kiss again.
200px Red Herring 24 de Noviembre de 2006 20 de Octubre de 2007 1.21
Zane thinks Miss Chatham holds the key to the sea monster. Emma needs a change so dyes her hair red. While Zane gets closer to the secret, he also gets closer to Rikki. Zane dives to Miss Chatham's boat and sees a mermaid!
200px Fish Out of Water 1 de Diciembre de 2006 21 de Octubre de 2007 1.22
Emma and Cleo find out Zane and Rikki are an item and force her to choose - him or them. When Zane appears to side with Harrison over the Mako Island development Rikki's decision is clear. Now it's Zane's turn to make a choice...
200px In Too Deep 8 de Diciembre de 2006 27 de Octubre de 2007 1.23
The girls discover a necklace for sale identical to Miss Chatham's. Miriam causes a stir by buying it - then throwing it in the water. Rikki faces a choice whether to take the necklace and reveal her mermaidness to Zane.
200px Love Potion 15 de Diciembre de 2006 28 de Octubre de 2007 1.24
Lewis thinks he's found a way to control the girl's mermaidness. The school dance brings all our heroines' "boy issues" to the surface.
200px Dr. Danger 22 de Diciembre de 2006 3 de Noviembre de 2007 1.25
The return of Dr. Denman means trouble for the girls. Meanwhile, Emma is having family dramas of her own. With Zane's unwitting help, Denman's research at Mako Island uncovers the girls' secret!
200px A Twist in the Tail 29 de Diciembre de 2006 4 de Noviembre de 2007 1.26
Dr. Denman has discovered the girls' secret and trapped them on Mako Island. Their only chance to avoid being exposed is to use the lunar eclipse to give up their powers forever!